Capital Dock Development.
File photo: The new Capital Dock Development on the South Quays in Dublin, which will comprise almost five acres of mixed residential and office space in three main buildings, one of which will be the tallest in the country at a height of 79 meters (260ft). End...3/7/2016. Brexit Effects. For a brief few months, post the Celtic Tiger economic collapse, things were starting to improve, represented visually by the return of a number of cranes to the Dublin skyline. Then Brexit. And now the hopes of many ordinary people, that they too would start to feel the socalled 'Recovery', are being dashed as economicists vie with each other to predict the results of the United Kingdom leaving the EU, on the Irish economy. Photo shows cranes on the site of the new Capital Dock Development on the South Quays of the River Liffey.Photo: Eamonn Farrell/
Eamonn Farrell
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14 February 2017
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