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15/08/2019. Dublin Victorian Fruit Market - To Close. Pictured what remains of stalls left in the Dublin Victorian Fruit Market where once people say that you couldnt move for the amount of traders on the market. It has been reported thats Dublins famous Victorian Fruit Market is to close next week for refurbishment. ? understands that a number of the eight wholesale traders at the market ? some whom have traded there for several decades ? are seeking an extension from the council but that the local authority has not agreed to this and will close as planned on Friday, 23 August.? The Market which once was the centre of fruit distribution in Dublin, has seen a decline in its use over the last 20 years. At one stage it had its own cafe within the building to service the needs of its stall holders, who started work at a frantic pace in the early hours of the morning. For the last number of years that task has fallen to Brendans famous diner across the road from the Market, which still servies the best rasher and fried egg sandwich in the city. In the last few years the Market building has been used for films and photo shoots, to the amusement of the dwindling number of stall holders still present. Photo: Sam Boal/
Sam Boal
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Aug 15, 2019