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21/5/2014. Floral Snow. As the country gets ready to go to the polls on election day, it has been suddenly covered in a glorious shower of white floral snow. County roads, motorways, fields and gardens are displaying what appears to be an extra lush covering of Whitethorn/Hawthorn. Also know by its Irish name Sceach Gheal and its Latin name Crataegus monogya, The Whitethorn/Hawthorn can be distinguished from the similar Blackthorn ( Draigean/Prunus spinosa), by the fact that it has a light grey stem as opposed to the Blackthorns very dark stem. Also the Whitethorn/Hawthorn flowers after the leaves have come out, while the Blackthorn flowers before the leaves come out. The Whitethorn/Hawthorn is also of course the Fairy Tree of Irish legend with the result that many farmers gave it a wide berth while ploughing, in case they upset the fairies. Photo shows Whitethorn/Hawthorn in bloom on the M7 Motorway in County Kildare. Photo Eamonn Farrell/
Eamonn Farrell
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21 May 2014