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27/06/2020. Covid-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus), Ireland, Lockdown Day 93 Day 20 of Phase two. Election of New Taoiseach. The Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland, where the Dail is sitting today, to elect a new taoiseach, who is expected to be Micheal Martin, Leader of Fianna Fail, who will then form a government between Fianna Fail (FF), Fine Gael (FG) and the Green Party (GP). This is a historic development as it is the first time the opposing Civil War parties FF and FG have sat in government together. The reason for the Dail meeting in the Convention Centre, because the extra space is needed for social distancing protocols. Photo shows convoy carring new ministers leaving Governemnt Buildings to head by to the Dail sitting in the Convention Centre. Photo: Sam Boal/
Sam Boal
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27 June 2020