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21/11/2020 Covid-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus), Ireland. Day 240 since start of lockdown. Day 31 of nationwide Level 5 lockdown. Photojournalist Sam Boal, took a stroll around the Creative Quarter , including Grafton Street last night and found there was virtually no difference between the numbers of people on the streets in Level 5, than was the case when he photographed the same area four weeks ago under Level 3. He found a packed Grafton Street with parents and children in to see the Xmas Lights (Christmas), and availing of takeaway deserts etc, as well as young people socialising and heading on to the side streets where alcoholic drinks including pints were being served and social distancing was at a minimum. He came across only a few gardai during the several hours he spent in the area. Video: Sam Boal /
Sam Boal
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21 November 2020