Who are RollingNews.ie?

See our Contact / About section.


What events do you cover?

RollingNews.ie covers daily news in politics, business, arts, crime and breaking news. We are particularly interested in covering events that might fall outside the attention of the mainstream media - if you know of an event that you think might be of interest, please let us know at info@rollingnews.ie or (01) 679 2995.

How do I download images?

You can search for images on our archive and our daily news feed. You will also find curated specialist selections, prepared for the public under such headings as Historic Events, Fashion, Entertainment, Irish Landscapes, Wall Art, etc, under Collections.
If you find an image you'd like to order, contact us at info@rollingnews.ie or (01) 679 2995 and we will arrange to deliver a print to you. Only registered editorial clients can download high-res digital images from the archive.

How do I order prints?

Contact us at info@rollingnews.ie or (01) 679 2995.

How do I register as an editorial client?

Please send an email to info@rollingnews.ie with the following information:

  1. Name, email address , telephone no. and job title of the applicant
  2. Name, web address and postal address (including country) of the organisation
  3. Proposed use of images, e.g. newsprint, magazine, online news, social media, books